Gwasanaeth Gwybodaeth I Deuluoedd - Family Information Service

Afasic - Gwasanaethau cymorth i deuluoedd

Beth rydym ni'n ei wneud

Afasic is the only charity representing children and young people who have difficulties talking and or understanding their home language; we offer support information and advice to their parents and carers and run monthly parent support groups. We have dedicated Family Support Workers supporting parents and carers.

Does your child have difficulties talking & understanding language?

Our parent support groups can help. Please come along to meet other families in a similar situation - you will receive a warm welcome.

- Find out what to do if your child has difficulties with talking and/or understanding
- Find out how to get extra help for your child
- Get information, share ideas, advice, learn practical and fun stuff to try at home to encourage language development

Please visit our website for details of groups in your locality.

Pwy ydym ni'n eu cefnogi

Afasic is the only organisation in Wales representing children & young people who have difficulties with talking and understanding. We offer support, information and advise to their parents/carers.

Oes tâl yn cael ei godi am ddefnyddio'r gwasanaeth hwn?

Mae'n dibynnu - Contact us for details, many of our services are provided free of charge; charges are raised for some training opportunities and activities

All unrhyw un ddefnyddio'r gwasanaeth hwn?

Afasic is open to all families and children who have difficulties with talking and understanding.

Manylion am wasanaeth gwasanaethau cymorth i deuluoedd

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  • Ydy gweithwyr wedi derbyn ymchwiliad DBS? Yes

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Our website is available 24/7, please visit our website for details of groups in your locality.